Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path In 2022?

Is containers/packaging a good career path? Consider how a job in the container/packaging industry might fit in with your long-term plans for success.

Container packing is an exciting and potentially lucrative field of work. However, there are other factors to think about before committing to a career in this area.

Choosing a specific job route, for instance, might have far-reaching consequences. As a result, there are factors like pay, job security, and fulfillment to think about.

Now is the time to make a decision about your future, but before you do, we’ll address some of the concerns you may have about a career in containers or packaging.

What are Containers/Packaging?

Is containers/packaging a good career path?

Packaging, or “containerization,” is an another word for the process of putting together boxes, bags, and other containers to transport goods from one place to another.

Moreover, containerization and packaging are performed in many other sectors. So, you have your pick among the retail, wholesale, restaurant, drugstore, or grocery store industries, not to mention the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Work in this area often entails downloading factory-prepared items to moving trucks. To a similar extent, you may assemble products that were produced by others.

Another option is to work in manufacturing as a supervisor. Therefore, you will be responsible for providing assistance to the factory’s supervisors.

Examples Of Containers/Packaging

Writing, designing, and printing, as well as the correct assembly of containers, are all part of the broader field of packaging and containers.

Containers and packaging provide a number of intriguing prospects for various types of manufacturers.

As such, consider the following cases and packages:

  • Container made of paper
  • Shipment packaging that is made of corrugated cardboard
  • Toys in plastic containers
  • Chunky containers
  • Cartonboard cases
  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminum foil packages

Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path?

Is containers/packaging a good career path
Is containers/packaging a good career path

Those that take pleasure in working with machinery and mass-produced items may find satisfying employment in the field of containers and packaging.

Furthermore, the container/packaging industry offers a wide range of exciting career possibilities with room for advancement. A starting salary in the field of containers/packaging might reach $28,000 per year.

However, strength is a must for many packing tasks. However, if you already have some expertise in the field of container and packaging, you may be eligible for a management or supervisory position.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In Containers/Packaging?

Insurance, health, and well-being are three of the most notable advantages of container and package use. From our research on Glassdoor, we know that our employees highly value dental insurance.

  • Health insurance is ranked the lowest, followed by health savings accounts (HSAs) and vision insurance.
  • Dental Health Plans
  • Healthcare Coverage
  • A Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Care for the Eyes Covered by Insurance
benefits of working in containers
Benefits of Working In Containers/Packaging

What Are The Job Prospects For Containers/Packaging?

The BLS predicts a 7% increase in demand for general laborers and freight movers from 2020-2030. This rate is roughly the same as the median for all jobs.

Over the next decade, the BLS estimates that there will be an average of 941,100 job vacancies for manual laborers and material movers.

In addition, many of these vacancies will be caused by the need to replace people who switch careers or leave the labor market altogether (such as retirees).

How Much Can You Make From Containers/Packaging?

In a similar vein, the BLS reports that in May 2021, packing professionals earned median annual pay of $30,950, or $14.88 per hour.

On average, earnings were between $11.07 and $18.38 per hour, with a range of $23,030 to $38,220 per year.

Moreover, the highest incomes were in Alaska ($37,020), the District of Columbia ($34,830), and New Jersey ($34,420), in that order.

The state of Louisiana had the lowest median salary, with packaging experts earning $17,610 (10th percentile), $22,090 (50th percentile), and $37,210 (90th percentile) (90th percentile).

7 Best Paid Containers/Packaging Jobs For Graduates

Is Containers/Packaging a Good Career Path?

1. Assembly Technician

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 17% increase in demand for assembly technicians between 2016 and 2026.

An assembly technician’s primary responsibility is to put together individual parts of a finished product. You might also be tasked with making smaller components and pieces for use in developing brand-new goods to order.

Across the United States, an assembly technician can expect to earn a median hourly wage of $18.36. This estimate is based on the 12,600 salaries posted to in the year 2022.

2. Consumer Behavior Analyst

An analyst of consumer behavior is someone whose primary responsibility is to learn about and analyze how consumers make choices. The next step is to design attractive packaging for that demographic.

You’ll use a wide range of research techniques in your role as a consumer analyst. Surveys, focus groups, and experiments are all examples of this type of approach.

Consumer behavior analysts, however, do not operate in a vacuum. Instead, they collaborate closely with the marketing and development departments.

That will allow the business to design packaging that consumers will want to buy.

According to ZipRecruiter, a Consumer Behavior Analyst can expect to earn a median salary of $77,467 a year in the United States.

Furthermore, a rough estimate gives you an hourly wage of $37.24. That comes out to $1,490 per week or $6,456 per month.

3. Packaging Operator

The packaging process is managed by the packaging operator. Put simply, packaging is the act of enclosing goods in containers for the purposes of distribution, retail sale, or consumer consumption.

Choosing a packaging profession is an option that may provide positive results. Still, there may be difficulties. However, if you put in the time and effort, you will succeed in meeting your deadlines while maintaining high standards for the packaged goods you produce.

4. Packaging Designer

Jobs as a packaging designer are among the most lucrative fields of creative work. They collaborate with UX Researchers across the whole packaging and container lifecycle.

However, you should have a lot of experience as a graphics designer and a lot of artistic flairs. But that’s not all! In addition, you should be very skilled in figuring out how things are put together in the engineering world.

Across the United States, Packaging Designer salaries can be found anywhere from $11,783 to $312,383, with a typical compensation of $57,060, as reported by the salary comparison website

The top ten percent of Packaging Designers make $312,383, while the middle five percent make between $57,061 and $142,119.

5. Packaging Engineers

A packaging engineer’s duties also include the creation of various packaging items such as bottles, cans, and other containers.

In the beverage industry, you may use your skills as a packaging engineer to help develop a range of goods that are suitable for human consumption.

A packaging engineer may also be involved in the research and development of zero-waste technology.

To be considered, however, you must have previous expertise with plastics, metals, paperboard, and cardboard boxes.

In the United States, the typical annual pay for a packaging engineer is $89,722. revealed 756 wages for the year 2022.

6. Quality Assurance Manager

The job of the Quality Assurance Manager in a food processing plant is to guarantee the product is free of harmful ingredients. From the arrival of raw materials to the final packing of completed goods, he oversees and controls every step of the production process.

Consequently, you will make certain that every processing adheres to the highest possible standards of cleanliness and safety. The Quality Assurance Manager’s starting pay can be anything from $104,960 to $135,081. As an added bonus, reports that the average starting pay is $118,218.

7. Warehouse Manager

Warehouse efficiency is crucial for every business that deals with the storage and distribution of goods.

The warehouse is run under the direction of the management. Your responsibilities will include keeping an eye on how well the team is doing, making sure that things are shipped and received quickly, and keeping the warehouse neat and tidy.

This was a list of just a few best-paying jobs in containers/packaging. You can check out our full list and choose the job according to your need.

Skills You Need In A Containers/Packaging Career

Numerous abilities are required for a prosperous career in the containers/packaging industry. Below are three abilities crucial to succeeding in the packaging and container industry.

1. Technical Skills

Technical abilities can be gained through schooling or formal training. Moreover, technical abilities are typically linked to specialized competencies.

Computer programming, graphic design, and welding are all examples of technical abilities.

2. Transferable Skills

Skills that may be applied in a variety of contexts are called transferable. It’s applicable to a wide range of fields and positions within those fields.

Communication, problem-solving, and organizational prowess are all examples of transferrable talents.

3. Experience

Experience is another asset in the job market for container and packaging positions. Actually, any job experience is preferable to none at all.

On the other hand, if you have the right kind of experience, you may go up the containers/packaging job ladder quickly.

Skills You Need In A Containers/Packaging Career, containers/packaging career path
Skills You Need In A Containers/Packaging Career

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is container packaging?

To store, package, and ship goods, containers are used to protect and secure the product from damage and contamination.

What are the types of containers used in packaging?

Paper boxes are one of several types of packing containers.
cardboard boxes, plastic storage containers, etc.
Rigid boxes, Chipboard packaging, Polybags, and Foil sealed bags are also common in this sector.

What is the difference between packaging and container?

Modules of code used in an application are stored in packages. Web server programs are typically deployed in containers.

What are the types of plastic containers?

HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, and PS are all plastic container options.

Conclusion – Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path?

Containers/packaging is a good career choice and it can be rewarding. As an example, it provides access to several career paths. Career advancement opportunities exist as well.

However, employment in container packaging demands stamina, expertise, and dedication.