Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path In 2022?

There is clearly a need in the market for consumer durables, and this has led to the sector’s rapid expansion. These items last for a long time and improve your quality of life in several ways. But, Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path in 2022?

When deciding on a field of study, most of us prioritize areas that pique our curiosity. This has some positive effects, but it can also cause us to miss better opportunities.

When deciding on a field of study, consumer durables are sometimes disregarded. However, there are many opportunities for employment and advancement in this profession. You should consider the pros and cons of this job choice carefully.

Then let’s discuss the future of work in the field of consumer durables.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path
Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path?

What Are Consumer Durables?

Products that people use on a regular basis and that are built to last are known as “consumer durables.” Appliances, gadgets, automobiles, and furnishings are all examples of consumer durables.

A job in consumer durables offers a number of advantages. To begin, there is often considerable demand for, and profit margin on, consumer durable goods. This bodes well for the financial prospects of manufacturers of consumer durables. In addition, consumer durables tend to last for quite some time, which helps keep the manufacturing sector full with jobs.

There is a lot of opportunity in the consumer durables sector, which is expected to rise by 10.2 percent worldwide by 2026.

Competition among brands is fierce because of the size of the industry, and new items are rushed to market.

In addition, shoppers are always on the lookout for ground-breaking innovations that will improve their standard of living and simplify their daily routines.

What Industry Do Consumer Durables Fall Under?

Generally speaking, manufacturing is more prevalent in the consumer durables industry. Vehicle and appliance sales, as well as technical product sales, are especially vulnerable to economic fluctuations.

Appliances and furniture are two common examples of consumer durables.

Perhaps you’re confused by the dissimilarity between consumer items and durables. While both are classified as consumer items, they are not the same.

Typically used for more than three years, consumer durables are essential to people’s daily lives. Appliances like refrigerators, TVs, and washers are just a few examples.

As a result of this rapid expansion, the consumer durables market is ripe with possibilities. Since the industry is still relatively young, changes happen quickly.

Since this industry has the ability to diversify from older items like televisions and refrigerators to more modern ones like smartphones and tablets (or even electrical devices), you may anticipate it to grow even more in the future.

Many various types of items are offered by numerous firms within the consumer durables market, which caters to a wide variety of consumers throughout the world.

Accounting and quality control management are only two examples of the particular skill sets needed by specific segments within this industry.

The market for durable goods for consumers is notoriously cutthroat. The demand for electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets has increased dramatically in recent years.

As a result of this expansion, a large number of jobs are now accessible in this field. Good opportunities for advancement exist in this field, and anyone willing to put in the effort may rise rapidly through the ranks.

However, you should be aware that the competition is fierce in this sector, and that you will face intense pressure from your colleague and other people who have worked tirelessly for years without taking much time off.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path In 2022?

So the answer to your question is yes. A job in consumer durables is a good choice. Companies that produce consumer durables tend to be extremely successful and financially stable. Opportunities for development and promotion abound in this sector, which is always adapting to suit the changing demands of customers.

The ongoing evolution of technology is a key factor in the success of this sector. Companies require workers who are up-to-date on the newest goods and methods to survive in the modern market. Jobs in the consumer durables industry might offer this opportunity for professional development.

More individuals can now buy appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners as a result of increased salaries and technical advancements. As a result, sales of consumer durables have surged, leading to the creation of new positions in the labor market.

what is consumer durables
Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path in 2022?

What Are The Skills Needed To Make A Career In Consumer Durables?

The consumer durables business has experienced a hiring boom in recent years. It was projected that by June of 2022, the number of Americans working in the Industry will drop below 3 million. Those in this category might be anything from a salesperson to marketing directors or even business analysts.

That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to have staff who are well-versed on these items and can advise clients accordingly.

There are a number of steps you may take to be ready for a career in the consumer durables sector:

Study and Research About It

Learning about a field is the first step toward working in it. Reading publications and conducting Internet research are very useful methods for this purpose. You’ll be better able to decide if this course of action is right for you if you have as much data as possible to work with.

Develop a portfolio

Make a portfolio of your best work if you aspire to work in the field of consumer durables as a professional. Images, written explanations, and even physical replicas of your work might all be included here.

Focus on Networking

There may not be a lot of opportunities in this industry at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed by establishing and maintaining professional connections. Keep an open mind, seek out new experiences, and don’t be afraid to teach others what you’ve learned.

Keep a Competitive Attitude

There is a lot of competition in this field. Keeping up with the times and anticipating future trends is essential for businesses that want to innovate and succeed.

Get some real-world experience

There is no downside to exploring alternative career paths before settling on one. A clearer picture of the process and potential avenues for exploring the employment market will emerge. And after you’ve settled on a career path that excites you, seize every opportunity that presents itself.

Jobs Available In consumer Durables

Work involving consumer durables is referred to herein as “consumer durables work.” Jobs in consumer durables are those that involve working with or around consumer durables in some way.

Product Manager

In the industry of consumer durables, it is the responsibility of the product manager to oversee all elements of product development, beginning with conception and ending with the launch.

The role requires collaboration across various departments, including those responsible for the design, marketing, and engineering, to guarantee that all activities are completed on time and that the end goods satisfy the requirements outlined by the clientele. In addition to coordinating with designers and engineers, product managers also coordinate with manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management teams to guarantee timely and cost-efficient production and shipping.

According to payscale, their average salary is $89,378 per year.

Product Designer

A product designer’s job is to make something that people will want to buy, not just use. Prototype development, manufacturing management, and market research are all part of this job.

Engineers and industrial designers make up the majority of the profession of a product designers. They need to be able to articulate their thoughts clearly to the rest of the development team and have an intuitive grasp of how different parts fit together.

They bring in an average of $81,000 a year. Furthermore, they must be able to collaborate with the customer to ascertain specific requirements.

Collection Associates

When it comes to consumer durables, mediating disputes between debtors and customers may be quite useful. Maintaining contact with debtors, building rapport with them, and making them feel like they need to pay quickly are all part of the process. Communication can take the shape of phone conversations, emails, or snail mail.

The collection agents are the ones in charge of any and all paperwork associated with the overdue client accounts. Payments are also monitored through their cooperation with other departments like accounting. The collection employees need to have excellent interpersonal skills and the confidence to stand up to customers when necessary.

Business Analyst

Business analysts in the consumer durables sector are tasked with assessing the state of the industry and coming up with actionable strategies and plans to boost the company’s bottom line.

The primary responsibilities of this role include analyzing the sector to determine its weak spots, developing a strategy to address those weaknesses, putting that strategy into action, keeping tabs on your progress toward your objectives, and reporting your findings to higher-ups.

What Does a Business Analyst Do Day to Day

Average Salary For Consumer Durables Career

Working in Consumer Durables typically results in annual pay of $70,000. The exact figure relies on the job description and the candidate’s degree of expertise.

As an illustration, a Business Analyst may expect to earn an average annual income of $82,000. It’s estimated that a product manager might make between $80,000 and $110,000 yearly.

The remuneration of a senior manager is much higher, at roughly $130,000 per year.

Factors Contributing To Growth Of The Sector

Some of the elements that contribute to the expansion of the consumer durables market are as follows:

  • This industry is booming thanks to rising GDP.
  • The expansion of the industry is highly dependent on the general expansion of the economy. Consistent with historical data, sales of consumer durables tend to dip slightly whenever the economy experiences a downturn.
  • A contributing factor to expansion in this industry is the frequency with which new items are introduced. Because of the enhanced utility and convenience of the products they replace, new product introductions boost sales and maintain consumer interest in repeat purchases.
  • The frequency with which such products are purchased might also be a driver of demand. When more individuals buy them, firms in this industry can increase their earnings.

Advantages Of A Consumer Durables Career Path

If you enjoy working with consumer goods, this is the field for you. Working in this field has many advantages, but we’ll focus on just two of them for now. Some of them are:

Growing Sector

The consumer durables market has been expanding at a rate of 10 percent annually over the past decade, so there will be lots of employment openings in the near future.

Possibilities for Promotion

There is a lot of room for growth in this industry. Performance, proficiency, and familiarity with the year’s new technologies and consumer goods determine advancement.

Earnings potential

Companies producing consumer durables are among the best paying industries in the country. If you work with the company long enough, they may also provide health insurance, vacation pay, and a pension. People who aren’t set on building a long-term career with one employer may find greater success in today’s work market.


As a whole, the market for consumer durables is expanding at an excessive rate, and this trend is expected to persist for the foreseeable future.

People now have more disposable income with which to upgrade their home electronics and kitchen equipment.

The need for workers in this sector is expected to grow as the economy continues to expand. The outlook is bright.

Starting a career in consumer durables is a terrific idea right now if it is something you are interested in. Have you made up your mind to begin?