Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path In 2024?

Air freight and delivery services are utilized in a variety of industries, ranging from huge organizations to small enterprises to people that want products to be transported abroad promptly and effectively. These services are in high demand. But does it imply that that is the course of action that you should take? Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path In 2022? Before beginning a career in this field, there are a few things you should think about first.

What Are Air Freight/Delivery Services?

Air freight is an alternative word for air cargo, which refers to the shipping of products by an airline. When it comes to sending express cargo over the world, the most beneficial services are those provided by air transport companies. Air freight travels through the same airports and terminals as commercial and passenger planes.

Shipping items via air can help ensure they get to their destination quickly in the event that delivery time is critical.

In addition, shipments that are sent through air carriers are subjected to a greater level of security than shipments that are conveyed via other means, which further contributes to the fact that shipping goods via air carrier are one of the safest ways to move products.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path
Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path

The Different Types Of Air Freight/Delivery Services

There is a wide variety of options accessible in terms of air freight and delivery services, each of which comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The following is a list of the most common kinds of services, along with a brief description of each one:

Air Freight Forwarders

These businesses often have their own network of partners and resources, since they specialize in the process of transporting items by air. If you need to send products that are large or heavy, or if you want door-to-door service, they can be an excellent alternative for you to consider. However, their prices are typically higher than those of other available choices.

Courier Services

While courier services are sometimes quicker and more convenient than air freight forwarders, they may be unable to handle goods that are too large or too heavy. On average, they are more costly as well.

Postal Services

When sending items through the air, postal services are typically the most cost-effective alternative, although they may not provide the same quality of service as other options.

What Skills Do you Need In Air Freight/Delivery Services?

Due to the fact that the education and/or skills required for air freight/delivery services will differ based on the individual position you are interested in working, there is no answer to this question that can be generalized to apply to everyone. 

If you want to be successful in a profession in air freight or delivery services, you need to have a number of abilities and traits of character. 

In addition to this, you will need to be able to handle big goods while standing on your feet for extended periods of time. You also need to have a valid driver’s license and access to a car or truck because the majority of airports are located outside of the city centers.

Nevertheless, the following are some examples of broad skills and knowledge that might be helpful:

  1. An awareness of the air freight business and a comprehension of how it operates
  2. Knowledge and experience working with air cargo software and systems
  3. Strong abilities in both communicating and providing service to customers
  4. The capacity to operate well under duress and to adhere to established timeframes
  5. Paying close attention to details.

Finding out more about the particular criteria for the positions you are interested in is important if you are thinking about a career in air freight/delivery services. You also have the option of talking to a person who works in the sector in order to gain some new perspectives.

Is There A Rise In Interest In This Area Of Work?

The use of air freight and delivery is becoming an increasingly common practice. It is anticipated that the number of job openings in these sectors would increase by 15 percent between the years 2016 and 2026. It is anticipated that this pace will be significantly higher than the typical job growth rate of about 7 percent. This is what the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates will happen, according to their estimates (BLS).

The Average Salary For Air Freight/Delivery Services

The national average compensation for air freight/delivery services in the United States is $46,800 per year, which is equivalent to $24 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $35,100 per year, but individuals with more experience may make up to $62,200 per year. This is because over 50% of logistics and transportation workers claim to make less than $30,000 a year.

Expect your salary to increase as you move up through lower management roles such as manager or driver because this is the typical progression that people make in their jobs over the course of their working lives. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 5 percent of workers in the logistics industry do not have a degree and make a median annual wage of roughly $23,000.

How Many Jobs Are Available In The Air Freight/Delivery Services?

If you are thinking about entering into the air freight or delivery services business, it is helpful to get an idea of how many other firms are already operating in that sector. Knowing whether or not there are sufficient work opportunities in your area is also helpful. According to estimates provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States of America in 2016, 440,900 persons were employed in the United States in the roles of truck drivers and delivery employees.

Some of the jobs are: 

  • Air Cargo Handler – They make around $42,000 per annum.
  • Aircraft Load Master – Average salary is $75,000
  • Airline Cargo Representative behavior analysts – In USA average wage is $60,330
  • Director of Flight Operations – People in this position make approximately $100,000 per year.
  • First Officer (Co-Pilot) – The Average salary in the USA is $50,000.
  • Import Manager – Air Freight – They make $70,000 on average in the USA.

There are a lot of best-paying jobs in Air Freight/Delivery Services.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

There are several aspects to consider while deciding whether or not to pursue a career in Air Freight/Delivery Services. The market is expanding at a quick pace, and as a result, there is a significant need for qualified individuals. The compensation is good, and the perks might be quite advantageous. Additionally, there are a lot of possibilities for career progression within the industry.

The stability of the labor market is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of pursuing a career in Air Freight and Delivery Services. Between now and 2026, it is anticipated that the market would expand by 4.5 percent on an annual basis. This indicates that there will be a plethora of employment openings available to individuals who meet the necessary requirements.

The salary potential is yet another advantage of considering a career in Air Freight/Delivery Services. Annual compensation of $62,000 is considered to be the norm for a freight forwarder. However, people with far more experience have the potential to make significantly more than that. The highest-earning 10 percent of workers in the industry bring in an annual salary of an average of $93,000. While those who are just at entry level make around $34000 per annum in this industry.

Consideration of a career in Air Freight/Delivery Services should also be given to the field’s attractive benefits. There are a lot of firms out there that provide very great benefits packages, such as health insurance, 401(k) plans, and paid vacation days. These advantages have the potential to significantly improve your standard of living.

The industry of Air Freight and Delivery Services also offers a great deal of room for professional development and improvement. Those who begin their careers in lower-level roles have the opportunity to climb the ladder over time.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Career Path In Air Freight/Delivery services

The ability to quickly calculate and make sound decisions is essential. You may expect to put in a lot of overtime, particularly when it comes to loading cargo aboard airplanes, but this line of work may also require you to spend a lot of time away from home.

There are a lot of individuals employed in the air freight and delivery service industry. They are required to have either a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), in addition to having completed some sort of training. Companies that perform this kind of job may on occasion provide their employees with the option to continue their education while they are employed by the company.

Pros and Cons Of Career In Air Freight/Delivery Services


Working in the field that deals with air freight and delivery services come with a significant number of benefits. To begin, it’s an atmosphere that moves quickly, is fascinating, and is ever-shifting and developing in new ways. Working in this field will ensure that you never have time to be bored! In addition, there are numerous chances for the development and improvement of one’s professional career. You can climb the corporate ladder in this industry rather rapidly if you put in a lot of effort and demonstrate your value.

The salary is another significant perk of working in the transportation and freight delivery services industry. If you are skilled at what you do, you have the potential to make a very nice wage in this field, which pays well overall. In addition, the majority of organizations provide their workers with excellent benefit packages, which can include a variety of amenities like health insurance, retirement plans, and other opportunities.

Consider working in the delivery or air freight industry if you want a job that will keep you on your toes while also providing enough opportunity for professional growth.


Before making a choice about your future occupation, it is important for you to be aware of a number of the drawbacks associated with working in the freight or delivery services business. To begin, the hours can be quite lengthy and exhausting, particularly if you are working midnight shifts. This is especially true for those who work in retail. Second, the remuneration is not usually very good, particularly when contrasted with that of other sectors. And last but not least, there is always the possibility of becoming hurt while working, whether it be from carrying large boxes or from being involved in an accident.

Conclusion – Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

Choosing a profession is not an easy task. It is difficult to determine if the option you make will be profitable in the long run without conducting a study first. Careers in the delivery or air freight industries are one method to accomplish this goal. This field of work offers accommodating working hours, opportunities for personal growth, and generous compensation (at least in some cases). Consider launching an air-freight firm or taking on additional work as a delivery driver if you are interested in advancing your schooling in the field of business management or logistics and are considering either of these options.


Here are five frequently asked questions about the career path in Air Freight/Delivery Services:

  1. Why is the Air Freight/Delivery Services sector important? The Air Freight/Delivery Services sector is responsible for transporting goods quickly and efficiently from one place to another, often across long distances. Without these companies, businesses would not be able to deliver their products to customers in a timely manner, which would hamper their growth and profitability.

  2. Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a good career path? Yes, Air Freight/Delivery Services is a good career path for individuals who are interested in working in the logistics and transportation industry. The industry is constantly growing, and there is always a demand for skilled professionals. With the rise of e-commerce, the need for air freight/delivery services has increased, making it a promising career path .

  3. What are the different types of jobs available in Air Freight/Delivery Services? The Air Freight/Delivery Services industry offers a wide range of job opportunities in fields such as cargo handling, freight forwarding, dispatching, piloting, and air traffic control. Each job requires different skills and qualifications, but they all play a crucial role in the logistics process .

  4. How can I get a job in Air Freight/Delivery Services? To get a job in Air Freight/Delivery Services, it is recommended to obtain a degree in logistics, transportation, or a related field. However, some entry-level positions may only require a high school diploma or equivalent. It is also important to gain experience through internships or entry-level positions to develop the necessary skills and knowledge. Networking and staying up-to-date with industry trends can also help in finding job opportunities .

  5. What are the downsides of a career in Air Freight/Delivery Services? One of the downsides of a career in Air Freight/Delivery Services is the potential for long hours and irregular schedules. Some positions may require working overnight or on weekends. The job can also be physically demanding, requiring lifting and moving heavy cargo. Additionally, the industry can be affected by economic downturns, leading to job insecurity .