14 Best Paying Jobs In Retail Building Materials In 2024

Do you enjoy using your hands to create things? If so, are you a fan of getting your hands filthy and starting from scratch? If so, this job interview could be right for you. There are many best paying jobs in retail building materials for people who want to put their abilities to work while still having a good time and making a difference every day.

The retail section of the construction materials industry is currently one of the most lucrative, with enterprises in nearly every country seeing robust development. If you’re looking for a career, these positions aren’t just for window shopping; they provide competitive pay and benefits, as well as the opportunity to work from home. Consider a career in retail building materials if you enjoy helping people find amazing prices on home furnishings and enjoy working in a team environment.

Best Paying Jobs In Retail Building Materials
Best Paying Jobs In Retail Building Materials

Is Retail Building Materials A Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in retail building materials can be a good choice for you. But it mostly depends on your interest too. There are a lot of benefits in this industry too.

Because the building materials sector is flourishing, qualified construction workers and experts are in greater demand than ever. In order to fulfill the needs of today’s home and building owners, several organizations are expanding their workforces.

How many Jobs Are Available In Retail Building Materials?

You might be surprised to learn just how many jobs are available in the retail building materials industry. Unfortunately, it turns out to be more difficult than you may expect.

Some of the construction market’s jobs may be found in the retail sector. “Retail trade” is a department of the Bureau of Labor Statistics that monitors these professions and offers estimates for future growth.

“This industry might provide 463,000 new employment by 2026 if it continues to expand as predicted.”

Jobs in management and supervision make up the majority of those expected to be available. Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6.6 percent growth in these occupations. Even if this expansion does not occur, there will be an additional 191,000 job vacancies because of all the individuals who are searching for and applying for construction work.

As the retail construction materials sector expands, so will the number of job openings for supervisors and managers. A career in retail construction materials is ideal for a Supervisory Sales Representative post.

How many Jobs Are Available In Retail Building Materials
How many Jobs Are Available In Retail Building Materials?

14 Best Paying Jobs In Retail Building Materials

There is a wide range of opportunities for employment in retail building supplies. Everyone has a place here, from the customer service reps to the warehouse workers. Here is the list of 10 best paying jobs in retail building materials.

Custom Home Builder

Custom designs are in great demand as the number of single-family home construction projects rises. Currently, there is a high need for field superintendents, on-site personnel, and project managers to assist move projects forward.

Applicants for home-building jobs must be able to move large items and climb ladders. Construction professionals make an average of $48,285 per year, although this varies based on their level of expertise and where they live.

For managerial roles, such as project superintendents or members of design teams, you’ll need a degree in a relevant discipline in addition to previous experience in the construction industry. Based on experience and region, the annual salary ranges from $78,031 to $79,031 a year.


Human Resources and Payroll colleagues are in high demand for construction organizations as the number of projects and workers grows.

These people are in charge of keeping track of the company’s finances, as well as coordinating the recruiting and training of new personnel. In order to be successful in these roles, individuals must have excellent time management skills as well as a willingness to work well in a group. Since these workers are likely to interact with other employees or consumers, they must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. To be successful in most jobs, you’ll need to be proficient with Microsoft Office.

$102,000 is the average annual wage in the United States.

Regional Manager

People who have established themselves as competent managers can ascend to the position of regional manager of retail construction material stores and enjoy the salary that comes with it. There is no formal schooling required for this position, but a lot of experience and time is required to rise to this level of leadership.

In the United States, the average annual salary is $97,000

Marketing Director

Marketing is essential for any business, from a little mom-and-pop shop to the largest in the country. A company’s brand awareness and revenues may skyrocket with the help of effective marketing. When you have a fantastic marketing director at the lead, this is all achievable.

In order to become the marketing director, you’ll need more than just education and expertise; you’ll also need a strong portfolio of prior marketing accomplishments.

$112,000 is the average annual salary.

Building Materials Specifier

A project’s materials specifier is a vital member of the team. This includes anything from creating specifications to keeping track of specific customer requirements to researching new safety and building materials.

Many businesses need a specifier to hold a CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) certification in addition to a construction degree and relevant job experience. Product research and current building code standards need that specifiers be adept in both written and vocal communication. Additionally, the position necessitates proficiency with a variety of spec applications, such as MasterSpec or SpecText.

In many cases, specifiers serve as a liaison between the product maker and the rest of the project team. Managing such tasks and coordinating with other teams will be critical if they are to achieve the high expectations of their clients and complete the project on time and under budget. In the United States, a specifier may expect to make roughly $60,000 per year on average.

Finance and Accounting

There’s a lot of money wrangling going on behind the scenes. In order to sell inventory, you must first be able to afford to acquire it, which usually necessitates obtaining a loan from a bank. Loans for goods that you plan on selling in the future might be difficult to obtain. Of course, if you have a strong financial and accounting department.

Typically, these positions demand at least a bachelor’s degree and a strong financial background. Interesting fact: this profession does not have extensive knowledge of construction materials, but it does necessitate knowledge of banking, accounting, and loan products based on assets.

Materials Engineer

New building goods are always being tested and current products are improved to meet new standards in order to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the construction industry.

When it comes to creating and testing new items as well as building prototypes, product or materials engineers are the ones to turn to.

An engineer who works with materials has both creative and logical abilities. Engineers who are passionate about designing and inventing new goods will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of industry standards in order to secure a job.

When it comes to material knowledge, product and materials engineers are typically a go-to source for their colleagues. Work experience in manufacturing or engineering is desired, as is a bachelor’s degree with strong math and reading abilities. In the United States, a materials engineer can expect to make an annual income of $87,159.

Legal Representative

An in-house legal department is more likely to be found in a larger retail product operation. Building materials aren’t an exception when it comes to being well-paid in the legal area.

Everything that might have an influence on the company will be your primary emphasis in this role. Changes in hiring legislation, issues with manufacturers, and changes in tax laws are all examples of this. It’s possible that you’ll find yourself working in an advising capacity or addressing legal matters or prospective legal matters.

CDL Driver

It’s not uncommon for the building business to experience supply chain problems. Despite the fact that building projects are always subject to delays, these delays are at an all-time high. Drivers are in high demand as a resource for many businesses looking to better serve their clients.

Drivers are responsible for transporting building supplies to consumers. However, a regular workday for a driver entails considerably more than that. The following are some examples of the work involved:

  • To ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of supplies, a daily pre-delivery check is conducted.
  • use a forklift to safely dump items at construction sites
  • It’s important to keep track of everything from signatures to miles to delivery.
  • Communication with clients on a regular basis and a focus on any issues or complaints that may arise while working

For drivers, a Class A or B CDL license, a clean driving record and the capacity to lift 100 pounds of material are all necessary prerequisites for employment. It’s possible that you’ll additionally need a forklift permit or training. Based on experience and geography, the average hourly wage for a driver is expected to be $24.

Fireproofing Consultant

The need for fire-resistant homes and buildings is growing as wildfire seasons begin earlier and earlier each year. One of the most essential parts of the building materials supply chain is that of fireproofing consultants and engineers.

On numerous projects, these experts serve as a liaison between code enforcement agencies and their clients, providing solutions for fireproof design. Building life safety systems are reviewed and tested by fireproofing experts. They also assist in developing new building life safety systems.

A bachelor’s degree or similar work experience, as well as certification in fire prevention and engineering, are often required for a fireproofing consultant. In the United States, the average compensation for a fire prevention consultant is $85,468.

Forklift Operator/Yard Associate

A specialized workforce is needed to aid with deliveries and product loading for building materials suppliers to keep up with consumer demand. Many organizations are looking to hire forklift operators and yard employees to keep this operation going properly. Additionally, yard staff assist clients in loading and unloading their trucks.

Employees in this role must be able to push, pull, and pick up objects weighing up to 100 pounds, therefore physical fitness is a prerequisite. If you want to work in the yard, you will need to be a team member who can communicate and contribute.

It’s important for these employees to keep their safety in mind while working in a lumber yard. Forklift operators make, on average, $14.00 an hour, depending on their level of expertise.

Building Materials Salesperson

It’s possible that a position as a sales representative is one of the most in-demand jobs on this list. These individuals work to build customer relationships and are accountable for expanding a company’s clientele.

For many companies, the sales staff is responsible for communicating with everyone from clients to dispatch teams to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

A salesperson’s average yearly salary is $65,000, according to ZipRecruiter, but many earn considerably more with commissions.


Installers are usually needed in the construction sector to get various projects completed, including masonry work and window replacements, among other things.

On a task, the installer is responsible for placing and securing all of the goods that have been ordered. The wide range of items on the market necessitates that many firms educate installers (or grant an apprenticeship) for their sort of job and the specific products they’re dealing with.

In order to land a job in this industry, one must have at least three years of building or renovation experience. You’ll need to be able to lift and move big things, and you’ll be working with tools and machines. In the United States, the average annual income for an installation is $43,787.

Materials Estimator

There are also estimators on the construction materials team, who aid out with material lists and product takeoffs for the sales team.

As a client-facing profession, the estimator helps establish the project’s requirements and suggests particular goods and solutions. An estimator can deal with and handle any concerns that may arise over the course of a project’s design.

If you want to become an estimator, you’ll need to have some knowledge of estimating programs like AutoCAD or ProEst. In the United States, an estimator’s average pay is $58,070.

What Are The Education Requirements For Retail Building Materials Jobs?

Most employment in the retail building materials industry requires at least a high school diploma. It’s possible to achieve this need even when there are no defined industry standards. To be a real estate agent, for example, you must be at least 21 years old and hold a current real estate license. Depending on the position, you may also need to have a specific combination of education, training, and/or experience.

How to Find a Job in the Retail Building Materials Industry?

  • Make a list of your most important characteristics and talents. Attributes that are required for success in a Retail Building Materials position must be shown. Additionally, you’ll need some basic arithmetic skills and an understanding of basic materials such as cement, concrete, and steel in order to become a mason.
  • Make connections with people in your field. For obvious reasons, you’ll spend the majority of your time job looking in the same circles whether you’re in construction or retail. Indeed, more than two-thirds of those who apply for retail building materials positions are already employed in related businesses.
  • It’s time to make a career plan when you’ve decided on the field(s) of work you’re interested in. To be successful in the retail building materials market, this is very vital. Your professional goals and timetables should be clearly outlined in the strategy. While it’s excellent to have bigger goals but with a career in retail construction materials, your major focus will be on the here and the now.
  • Once you’ve mapped out your professional path, it’s important to connect with potential mentors and employers. When it comes to this part of the procedure, consistency is key, so make sure you put your best effort in here. Before you begin your job hunt, double-check that you’ve included a complete list of your existing connections. Making new changes more readily available will be made considerably simpler as a result of this change.” Make sure you keep in touch with these critical connections on a regular basis. Success in the retail building materials market depends on this.
  • Next, follow through on your commitments after meeting influential people. Perhaps the most crucial one of them is this: To get your career off to a good start, seek the assistance of a knowledgeable professional in the subject in which you studied or trained. A previous coworker, a colleague, or a skilled mentor might serve as a good source of advice. A professional who is prepared to work within your budget and schedule is the ideal candidate. With this information, you now know how to find a job in the Retail Building Materials sector. Working in this ever-evolving industry may be lucrative, but it requires some work on your part.


It’s important to remember that the retail building construction sector goes through various phases. Job possibilities increase as the economy improves. As a retail mason, you may earn a solid living from the comfort of your own home. The greatest brick-and-mortar retail jobs that are currently available may be found here. See if you can find a job that pays more than the high office wages. Building Materials Retail Stores Pay the Most.


Okay, here are some short FAQs on the best paying jobs in retail building materials-

  • Q: What is the retail building materials industry?

  • A: It is a sector that provides products and services for the construction and renovation of buildings.

  • Q: What are some of the best paying jobs in this industry?

  • A: Some of the best-paying jobs are regional manager, human resources director, marketing director, legal representative, and sales manager.

  • Q: What are the qualifications and skills required for these jobs?

  • A: The qualifications and skills vary depending on the position and employer, but generally include a high school diploma or higher, a valid driver’s license, a willingness to work in different locations, and proficiency in using various tools and software.

  • Q: What are the benefits and challenges of working in this industry?

  • A: The benefits include a rewarding and lucrative career, and opportunities to learn new skills, advance in the industry, and contribute to the building sector. The challenges include physical, mental, and emotional stress, risks to health and safety, working in extreme weather conditions, dealing with customers and suppliers, and working long and unpredictable hours.

  • Q: How can I find and apply for these jobs?

  • A: You can find and apply for these jobs by searching online job boards and websites, visiting the websites of retail building materials companies, networking with people who work or have worked in the industry, attending job fairs, trade shows, or conferences, and creating a professional resume and cover letter.