25 Best Paying Jobs In Hotels/Resorts In 2024

People who work in the hospitality industry have the opportunity to engage with customers and offer them excellent service. In many hospitality occupations, you may make more money and work your way up the corporate ladder. Finding out how much money you can expect to make when working in this profession is an important consideration when looking for a career. As part of this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the best paying jobs in hotels/resorts.

Best Paying Jobs In Hotels/Resorts
Best Paying Jobs In Hotels/Resorts

What Is A Hospitality Job?

A hospitality job is one that includes interacting with customers directly at restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, and other places where people go to have fun. Even while many hospitality professions are customer-facing, there are other possibilities in the back office, such as accounting and marketing.

Working in hospitality requires a strong willingness to work with others and offer them exceptional service. As a restaurant service or amusement park worker, you may find yourself standing for lengthy amounts of time on a daily basis. Specific talents are required for several roles in hospitality. As an example, people who aspire to be entertainers on cruise ships will benefit from a strong musical background.

People who work in the hospitality sector often begin their careers in low-level positions, but they can quickly rise through the ranks and earn more money in higher-paying positions. If you want to land some of the best hospitality positions, you may need to get a college degree, although many are open to individuals who have worked in the sector for some time. Higher-paying jobs often come with more responsibility, which may help you develop your leadership and management abilities.

Is Hospitality a Good Career Field?

In the hospitality industry, working in hotels and resorts is only one of several options. People who want to continue in the hospitality industry frequently go for positions in management or in the back office, which provide the highest salaries and most flexible working hours. As a result, many opt to remain in customer-facing positions for an extended period of time. Others use their hotel/resort expertise to advance in the hospitality sector in different ways. Travel agents, bed & breakfast owners, cruise ship workers, tour guides and operators, restaurant managers and property managers may all benefit from hotel/resort expertise. Even if you decide to leave the hotel business and pursue a career in another profession, the experience you earn here will be invaluable.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Hotels/Resorts?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the leisure and hospitality industry will grow gradually between 2016 and 2026.

A high school diploma may be required for low-wage entry-level jobs including housekeeping, maintenance, and secretarial work.

Job prospects are better for those who have completed formal education at an accredited vocational school, college, or university. Jobs requiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree in hospitality or business are among the fastest-growing in the industry.

25 Best Paying Jobs In Hotels/Resorts

Here is the list of 25 best-paying jobs in the hotels/resorts industry that you can apply to according to your skillset.

Hotel Assistant General Manager

The salary range is between $41,000 and $70,000 annually.

There are a variety of jobs that fall within the purview of an assistant general manager in the hospitality industry. Housekeeping, front desk, and maintenance departments, as well as improving the hotel’s public image and revenue are all under your purview. You also have to handle guests to ensure they are receiving a high-quality experience that leads to better customer relations, and you have to hire and train new staff to ensure a high-quality experience. On top of all that, you’re also responsible for ensuring that the general manager’s policies are implemented.

Resort Manager

Pay ranges from $42,000 to $64,000 a year.

A resort manager oversees every element of running a hotel or resort. A few of the duties you’ll be responsible for are recruiting and training employees, procuring supplies, promoting the business, managing the budget, and catering to the wants and requirements of customers. In order to run a resort, you must be in charge of everything from housekeeping to food and beverage to activities. Onboarding new employees, coordinating maintenance, collecting bills, or giving a report to the hotel’s owners are just some of the daily chores that resort managers face.

Hotel Manager

Range of annual salaries from $40,000 to $60,000

An individual hotel manager or a group of hotel managers are in charge of the hotel’s day-to-day operations. Maintaining exceptional customer service and ensuring that all events at the hotel run well are just two of the many obligations and tasks of a hotel manager. Maintaining hotel facilities and preparing administrative reports are also your responsibilities.

Chef Concierge

Between $36,000 to $159,000 per year is the salary range.

In a hotel or resort, a chef concierge serves as the manager of the front desk. Among their responsibilities is making ensuring that visitors are happy by hiring and training new personnel and monitoring the work of the rest of the hotel staff. Chef concierges often have a combination of hospitality experience and customer service and managerial abilities on their resumes. Earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hotel management or hospitality might broaden your career options.

Hotel Controller

The annual salary ranges from $61,000 to $100,000.

As a financial manager, a hotel controller is well-versed in the hospitality business. It is your job to handle the budgets, cash flow analyses, and audits of the accounting department in this line of work. Hotel controllers can be employed by a single hotel or by a chain of hotels to oversee its financial operations. Directors and the CEO often report to them, and they are required to provide frequent financial reports on the hotel’s present financial state. Some even expect them to predict future sources of income.

Guest Relations Manager

The annual salary might be anywhere from $34,000 to $80,000.

In the hotel sector, a guest relations manager is responsible for ensuring client happiness. They frequently work in the hospitality industry. Training existing and new staff, resolving customer service complaints or other administrative activities are among the responsibilities of the guest relations manager. For this job, you’ll need a lot of hospitality customer service expertise. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality is common among guest relations managers. Additional skills include management skills, strong communication and leadership abilities.

Guest Relations Officer

The annual salary ranges from $30,000 to $53,000.

A hotel or event venue’s guest relations officer is in charge of dealing with guests. Your responsibilities as a guest relations officer include welcoming visitors upon their arrival at the hotel, offering information about the establishment, assisting guests with travel plans, and responding to customer concerns. Additionally, you must ensure that you are adhering to proper safety and health measures while doing your job. Applicants for this position must have previous hospitality experience, strong verbal and computer literacy skills, and a working understanding of the hotel amenities and the local region.

Maitre D

The annual salary ranges from $37,000 to $52,000.

When it comes to the food service sector, most maître d’s are employed by restaurants and other food service establishments. Job tasks include welcoming customers and guests, booking reservations, and providing necessary details about the restaurant to potential patrons in a dining establishment. As a result, a Maitre D is also in charge of the restaurant’s atmosphere, which includes everything from the temperature and music level to the lighting. It is not uncommon for a maître d’ to be referred to as the “chief waiter” since he or she is in command of all of the waiters in the restaurant and has extra obligations, such as ensuring that the food is served in the most efficient manner. There are extra duties for a buffet-oriented maître d’ aboard cruise ships or in large hotels.

Hospitality Director

The annual salary ranges from $42,000 to $51,500.

A hospitality director’s job is to make sure guests have a great time when they are staying at a hotel, resort, restaurant, sports stadium, or other location. Depending on where you work in the hospitality industry (hotels, cruise ships, etc. ), your duties may vary. As a hospitality director, you may be responsible for the quality of food and beverage that are served to the guest, catering arrangements for special events, and working with clients to plan events, experiences, or services. Make sure that the facility is exactly what your guests expect and what they require. A hospitality director may collaborate with a sales staff in order to bring in new customers.

Guest Services Manager

The salary range for a Guest Services Manager is $34,000 to $50,000 per year.

At a hotel, a guest service manager is responsible for a wide range of customer care tasks. Make sure that your hotel visitors enjoy a memorable stay by ensuring that their expectations are exceeded. With your aid, customers may enjoy a variety of hotel amenities, including spa treatments, reservations at restaurants, and upgrades to their rooms. Guest relations and room service activities are also overseen by you. Hotel management or hospitality expertise, as well as strong leadership and organizational abilities, are required for this career path.

Hotel Operations Manager

There is a salary range of $36,500 to $60,000.

A hotel operations manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of a hotel/resort. Among your responsibilities will be the recruitment and training of new employees, the management of hotel budgets, the procurement of hotel supplies and equipment, and the development and maintenance of work schedules. If you want to work at a major hotel, you’ll need a degree in hospitality management or at least many years of experience in a related field. The ability to lead, pay strict attention to detail, and communicate both orally and in writing are all crucial. If you want to be successful in your business, you must be able to engage with customers and pay close attention to their demands.

Conference Concierge

The annual salary ranges from $37,500 to $60,000.

Attendees of a professional conference or business gathering might benefit from the services of a conference concierge. Job tasks include providing recommendations for area restaurants and entertainment locations as well as leading attendees around the conference center. Additionally, you communicate with the event organizers to ensure that speakers are aware of where their panel is located. In order to be an effective conference concierge, you must always present yourself in a polished and approachable manner. Customer service experience and great organizing and communication skills are required to become a conference concierge.

Lodging Manager

The annual salary ranges from $29,500 to $53,500.

It is your job as a lodging manager to guarantee that visitors to a hotel/resort have an enjoyable experience. Provide guest service, organize events, and resolve any concerns that may occur as part of your responsibilities. It’s also up to you to keep an eye on the hotel’s revenues and budget, as well as monitor the performance of the hotel personnel. A bachelor’s degree, a certificate program, or an associate’s degree in hotel management or hospitality are common educational prerequisites for this profession. With high school graduation or a GED certificate and a lot of experience working in a hotel, several hospitality managers get their start in the industry. Customer service and problem-solving abilities as well as an understanding of accounting and marketing are also required.

Hotel Engineer

The annual salary ranges from $29,000 to $45,500.

A hotel engineer is responsible for the upkeep of a hotel establishment. As a hotel engineer, you’re responsible for troubleshooting and repairing hotel systems and equipment (including HVAC and electrical). Preventative maintenance, frequent inspections, organizing the maintenance crew, identifying future problems, and keeping the budget in mind are just a few of your responsibilities. In addition, you are in charge of in-house training, contractor selection, and ensuring that the hotel complies with all applicable construction standards and laws. A college degree isn’t always a deciding factor in a job application.

Motel Manager

The annual salary ranges from $29,000 to $42,500.

A hotel manager is in charge of the day-to-day management of a motel. A small hotel manager is responsible for overseeing every facet of the business. Your responsibilities include hiring, training, and supervising employees, making financial choices, handling administrative activities such as payroll, and developing marketing campaigns. Your duties also include reservations and laundry service as well as housekeeping and maintenance. A hotel manager’s duties include hiring and supervising assistant managers, delegating work to them, and generally being in charge of the entire operation. Whether it’s bookings and room assignments, food and beverage, or front office management, each of your assistant managers reports directly to you.

Front Desk Manager

The annual salary ranges from $28,500 to $42,000.

A front desk manager is tasked with providing high-quality customer service in a variety of settings, including offices, hotels, hospitals, retail establishments, and casinos. In your role as a front desk manager, you’ll be in charge of making customers feel at ease, resolving any difficulties they may have, and directing the front desk employees. Having managerial experience is a plus, but not a must, in this field. Qualifications might range from an eighth-grade diploma to an associate’s degree in hotel management, depending on the business. If you want to go up the corporate ladder, you’ll probably need at least a two-year college diploma.

Mini Bar Attendant

Salary: $31,500 to $37,500 annually

A mini bar attendant at a hotel ensures that each guest room’s mini-bar is always filled. In your role as a mini bar attendant, you are responsible for replenishing the bars, monitoring inventory, arranging customer orders, and paying them. Cleaning and maintaining each small bar fridge is part of your job description. Defrosting, cleaning, and ordering repairs for serious technical concerns are all part of normal freezer maintenance. You also serve as a point of contact for visitors who have inquiries regarding the bar or other offerings at the establishment.

Hotel Concierge

The annual salary might be anywhere from $27,000 to $35,500.

The ultimate duty of a hotel concierge is to see to it that each and every one of the hotel’s visitors enjoy their time there to the fullest possible extent. This entails ensuring that visitors have all they require in their accommodations, arranging for transportation, and reserving entertainment and dining at the city’s most exclusive establishments. When you’re a hotel concierge, you get to meet folks from all over the country and the globe. If you’d like to work in the lobby throughout the day, you can do so. Making reservations, organizing entertainment, or organizing transportation for visitors may be the focus of the evening shift’s duties, as well.

Hotel Maintenance Worker

$25,000 to $35,000 per year is the salary range.

A hotel maintenance worker is responsible for the care and repair of both the inside and outside of a hotel, as well as its guests. This position requires you to examine and fix different energy systems, such as the kitchen’s cooking equipment or the hotel’s air-conditioning system or plumbing. In addition, you help with the maintenance and repair of floors, roofs, and doors, as well as the installation of new items such as windows, carpets, and lighting fixtures. Mechanical ability, organization, detail-orientedness, and physical stamina are all required in this line of work. Many hotel maintenance personnel pursue courses in plumbing, cleaning, and construction after high school in order to prepare for this career path.

Guest Experience Manager

$31,000-$35,500 per year is the salary range.

A manager of the visitor experience is employed by a business that provides hospitality or amusement. Employees will be taught customer service skills and you will be the face of the company to guests. On occasion, you’ll collaborate with senior management on public relations initiatives. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a minimum requirement for this employment, however other degrees or training may be required by some firms. As a general rule, five years of direct customer service experience and the ability to conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner are required. A general manager is a position that is open to you as a future advancement.

Room Service Attendant

The annual salary ranges from $22,000 to $37,500.

A hotel room service attendant is responsible for bringing meal orders to customers’ rooms. You are primarily responsible for taking and delivering room service orders to guests. Be aware of any special dietary needs that guests may have and familiarise yourself with the hotel’s cuisine before serving them. High school graduation or GED certificate, as well as previous experience in the retail or food service business, are the most common qualifications for room service attendants. A desire to work in the hospitality or food industry would be an asset.

Hospitality Associate

Pay scale: $26,000-$37,500 year

This position is responsible for making sure that guests, patients, or clients are given the greatest possible experience at the workplace. When you work in a hotel or hospital, you’re generally the initial point of contact for guests and patients. Individuals’ needs are supported and understood, and patients or visitors are communicated with or recorded in a computer database. High school graduation is required, but you’ll also need suitable work experience to succeed in this field. Furthermore, interpersonal and communication skills are equally crucial in the workplace.


$26,500 to $37,000 per year is the salary range for this position

People entering and exiting a hotel or apartment complex are your primary responsibility as a concierge. In certain cases, it’s possible that you’ll be tasked with organizing transportation, making bookings, or suggesting fun things to do around town. Guests and residents will expect you to go above and beyond their expectations when it comes to customer service. Concierges should always be approachable, approachable, and professional.

Front Desk Officer

Annual compensation might range anywhere from $28,500 to $47,500.

Visitors are greeted and made to feel welcome as soon as they arrive at the front desk. For example, receptionists may work at hotels, corporations, or other places where receptionists are employed. In general, job obligations may include assessing what items or services the customer wants, offering refreshments while they wait, and documenting the customer’s request in the computer system, although specific job requirements may vary based on industry and firm. High school graduation and customer service or industry experience are required to become a front desk officer.

Hotel Assistant Manager

The annual salary might range anywhere from $31,500 to $47,000.

It is your major duty to help in the administrative and operational support of hotel management. Among your responsibilities include helping guests, resolving administrative and customer issues, answering phones, and overseeing personnel. In addition to recruiting and training new staff, you’ll also help the hotel manager with administrative tasks. The food and maintenance departments will come to you if they have any issues. You’re in charge of organizing events and working toward specific objectives.

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I hope you will find our list of best paying jobs in the Hotels/Resorts Industry useful. You can select any jobs according to your skill set and apply to them through different job search websites.

Here are 5 frequently asked questions about the best-paying jobs in hotels and resorts:

  1. What are the best-paying jobs in hotels and resorts? Some of the best-paying jobs in hotels and resorts include hotel general manager, director of sales and marketing, and resort manager.
  2. What is the median national salary for hotel/lodging managers? The median national salary for hotel/lodging managers is $61,910 per year.
  3. What is the job growth rate for event managers in hotels and resorts? The job growth rate for event managers in hotels and resorts is 8% from 2022 to 2032, which is faster than average.
  4. What is the education requirement for hotel/lodging managers? A high school diploma is the minimum education requirement for hotel/lodging managers.
  5. What is the job duty of a hotel/lodging manager? Hotel/lodging managers lead the service and production staff. They work in a sales, service, administrative, and operational capacity to support hotel staff. Managers generally work a 9 to 5 schedule while being on-call some days throughout the month. They support the service and production staff, help resolve complaints, manage guest relations, and ensure that hotel guests are happy and having a great experience at the hotel/lodge.

I hope this helps!