20 Best Paying Jobs In Home Furnishing In 2024

Best Paying Jobs In Home Furnishing – Many individuals like purchasing furniture for their homes and workplaces. If you have an eye for design and an appreciation for comfort, you might want to look into some of the highest-paid jobs in the home furnishings industry.

What Is Home Furnishings?

Best Paying Jobs In Home Furnishing
Best Paying Jobs In Home Furnishing

Work-related to home decor may be found in abundance, and some of these positions pay rather well. The interior design and furniture industry are ripe for picking for those with a flair for the field. Find the perfect employment if you want to live comfortably, nevertheless. Jobs in the home furnishings industry that pay very well include:

Hood Designer. As its name implies, a hood designer is someone whose job it is to envision and implement novel hoods in residential settings. You should be imaginative and skilled in design.

Stencil Artists. They are the artists who use stencils to decorate walls, furniture, and other flat surfaces. Stencils and paint are only two of the many tools they employ. Despite the high level of difficulty, this profession offers competitive compensation.

Making new or modernised versions of existing furniture is the focus of a lot of designer furniture jobs. You’ll need design chops and an eye for what’s new in the business.

Interior Designer. The role of an interior decorator is to help customers realise their visions for the interiors of their houses. They might be asked to weigh in on the selection of upholstery, drapery, and wall coverings. Because of the strong demand for this role,

Jobs In Home Furnishings career

Working in the home furnishings industry may be a rewarding opportunity to put one’s artistic skills to use while also providing for one’s family. You may tailor your job search for home goods to your specific skills and interests. Some of the best-paid jobs in the home furnishings industry are detailed here.

Top Paying Jobs In Home Furnishings

Numerous high-paying careers exist in the field of home furnishings. Employment in the sector known as “Home Furnishings Stores and Services” is projected to increase by 18 percent between 2012 and 2024, citing data from the BLS. Specifically, this is because high-end home furnishings are becoming more and more mainstream.

The top paying occupations in home goods include:

-Managers, executives, and senior professionals: Those in this group generally make an annual income of $62,640 or more.

-Installers and laborers: These workers generally make an annual salary of $37,640 or less.

In the United States, a professional designer may expect to make at least $50,080 per year.

Salary Information Of Home Furnishings

The income for a salesman who deals in home goods averages $41,000 annually. Entry-level and intermediate-level sales careers in this sector typically need little to no prior experience. The top-paid home furnishings jobs normally demand at least two years of sales experience and a bachelor’s degree in furniture or design.

Is Home Furnishings A Good Career Path?

The simple answer is yes, home furnishings may be a rewarding career choice. But before you plunge in wholeheartedly, make sure you have a firm grasp of what working in the industry requires and the kinds of knowledge and experience that will set you apart. Here are three crucial considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Luxury goods for the home are commonly accepted as the norm. This implies that clients are often prepared to pay a premium price for them, which can lead to significant earning possibilities.
  2. It’s crucial to have an eye for design and style when it comes to an item of home furniture. If you want to succeed in this industry, you must have the ability to design environments that people enjoy being in.
  3. If you want to get started as a furniture salesperson or designer, you need to have prior experience working in a retail setting. You’ll learn how to better serve your consumers and what those customers are searching for, and you’ll get an edge over the competition in the process.

How Many Jobs Are Available in the Home Furnishings Industry?

You may be curious about the career prospects in the home furnishings industry, such as the number of open opportunities, the nature of potential jobs, and so on. Let’s cut to the chase and look at the home furnishings business job vacancies that pay pretty well and in some cases quite well.

An interior designer’s salary is among the highest in the business, and the field is constantly in need of qualified candidates who can meet the needs of clients by listening to their feedback, learning about their preferences, and coming up with original, beautiful solutions. Popular today are degree programs in interior design that not only provide the necessary training but also get you started in your profession straight away. You will receive respect and admiration from your peers as you accumulate experience.

To improve productivity and address inefficiencies, sales managers must measure the success of many metrics, such as sales, profit, and volume. There is no doubt that a Sales manager’s job is fraught with obligations, yet this position is crucial to the success of any business.

A space planner’s duties include client communication, report writing, project delivery, problem-solving, and other simple tasks. Though they share certain responsibilities with interior designers, space planners are required to have in-depth familiarity with the dimensions of any given area.

Because of their collaboration with retailers and participation in product development, Furniture Technicians are indispensable to the home furnishings business. If you want to work in the furniture industry, you’ll need a degree in Wood Science and forestry and at least four years of experience working with wood and metal. Also, you’ll be in charge of daily internal communications with vendors and clients to discuss technical aspects.

An operations manager oversees the daily functions of a career counseling center and ensures that clients are followed up with after receiving career advice. You play a crucial part in this process by scheduling sessions for the on-site career counselors, coordinating evaluations, collecting data from job-seekers, and organizing it in a useful way.

Best Paying Jobs In Home Furnishing

These careers tend to pay more than average, but virtually all of them demand some college training or work experience to qualify you for the position. This career path is not as profitable as others because of the subjective nature of the employment and the fact that few of them require more than a bachelor’s degree. Specialists in the sector, though, can still make a decent living wage.


Annual Wage: $90,000 on Average

Architecture, the science and art of creating structures, is unrelated to interior design and furnishings. Architects might specialize in the finer points of construction or the overall design of a structure.

Interior Decorator

Annual Wage: $62,000 on Average

The goal of any good interior designer is to create a visually pleasing environment for their client. They must be knowledgeable about everything from wall paint to flooring materials to window coverings to furnishings. Interior designers can assist with the last stages of construction or, more commonly, with the post-construction phases of decorating and organization. They are equally at home working for themselves or for businesses.

Construction Designer

Compensation: $66,000 Per Year On Average

The title of this position accurately describes its main duties. The primary concern of a design architect is the aesthetics of a structure. While digital modeling has taken over, for the most part, it is still beneficial to have the ability to draw and create plans.

They normally work with a team of architects, frequently with a senior architect. This isn’t something that’s limited to brand-new structures; it may also be used for fixing up existing structures.

Architectural Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $96,000

Most architectural engineers focus on the functional elements of building construction rather than on aesthetics.

They have to have a thorough grasp of design and materials since they’re required to make sure that structures exceed safety regulations and are employing the best materials available. They are highly rewarded for their services due to the high value placed on their knowledge.

Planetary Designer

Regular Pay: $68,000 per Year on Average

Employing someone with this job title indicates that the organization is interested in optimizing the utilization of its physical space. Space planners don’t simply operate in terms of interior design but in workplaces and other workspaces.

They calculate the amount of space needed for equipment and furnishings, as well as the arrangement of workplaces such as cubicles. They need to know their way through interior design software and building codes pertaining to square footage.

Design Consultant

Regular Pay: $67,000 per Year on Average

This is not a role that is limited to interior design alone, but design consultants are useful in every field of design. Consultants in the field of design should be able to combine functionality and aesthetics to create an environment that serves its purpose while also being pleasing to the eye. Retail, construction, and the design sectors are just some of the places they may put their skills to use.

Agent in Real Estate

Sums average $93,000 per year.

Realtors market residential and commercial properties to buyers. Earning potential is contingent upon both the number of homes sold and their individual selling prices in a given year. However, this also makes entering the real estate market a breeze, making it a viable option for those looking to start their own successful businesses.

Architectural Designer

Salary Estimate: $57,000 Per Year

A designer of architecture, as opposed to merely a single structure, is accountable for the entire scope of a building’s design. This means that the overall plan for the neighborhood takes precedence over the design of specific structures.

To ensure the project complies with all applicable laws and standards, they must also have a firm grasp of the relevant rules. As they will be interacting with both the construction managers and the customers, it is imperative that they have strong communication skills.

Furniture Designer

Annual Wage: $61,000 on Average

The designers in this field create the blueprints for new pieces of furniture. Creating a beautiful building requires more than just an eye for design; architects and builders must also think of functional solutions to complex problems. They should be conversant with the fundamentals of furniture design and building and proficient in the various layout and drawing applications.

Architectural Technician

Annual Wage: $76,000

Practical considerations are at the forefront of an architectural technician’s work, much as those of an architectural engineer. As opposed to architectural engineers, however, who aren’t involved in the construction or design phases.

Together with the architects, they aid in the development of the building’s framework. Their role is to advise the architect on the structural and material viability of the proposed design.

Most of these professions demand advanced degrees and years of work experience, which explains their higher pay. As such, this is a possible trajectory for your professional life. Here are some entry-level positions you may apply for to increase your chances of being hired.

Though they are considered entry-level positions, many of these careers will require formal training in the form of an apprenticeship or internship. The educational requirements for the latter group are higher. However, if you’re trying to launch a career in the industry, they’re an excellent place to start.


Salary Calculator: $27,000 Per Year On Average

This position requires proficiency in sewing, fabric care, and wood finishing. A majority of these skills, however, are teachable at a two-year college or technical institute.

Putting in a lot of physical effort is essential, as the job is highly hands-on. An upholster’s primary responsibility is to recover or reupholster pieces of furniture. They will also apply a simple coat of finish to the wood.

Marketing Expert for the Furniture Industry

Annual Wage: N/A

This person works in the furniture industry. Most furniture sales are done on commission, so your income will fluctuate based on how many clients you bring in. For this reason, a four-year degree isn’t necessary, but expertise in sales is highly valued.

Aside from being a rewarding profession in its own right, working for a furniture maker is a great opportunity to learn about the industry and meet potential employers if you’re considering a career change into furniture design or interior design.


Earnings on Average: $51,000 per Year

A draftsperson’s job is to take the designer’s instructions and turn them into actual drawings. This calls for familiarity with the industry’s standard shorthand and symbols, as well as familiarity with drafting tools, the majority of which are computer applications.

The draughtsmen help with everything from the design of the HVAC and electrical systems to the layout of the building site and the construction plans for the contractor.

Decoration Specialist

Annual Wage: $45,000 On Average

A professional interior decorator’s duty is to advise customers on how to best enhance their living or working environment. This encompasses the decor, furnishings, and structure of the space. This position calls for meticulous planning and execution of a budget and design, as well as openness to constructive criticism. They oversee the setup and installation process and assist with the selection and procurement of necessary materials.

Residential Staging Professionals

Annual Wage: $37,000 on Average

It is common practice for developers of new housing developments to have a model home on display. It will also be equipped to make it seem more homey and comfortable. A house stager is a person who decides what goes where and what colors to use.

The decorator’s aim is to make the space seem warm and inviting while still leaving enough blank space so the customer may easily imagine their own belongings there.

Designer of Kitchens and Bathrooms

Regular Pay: $54,000 per Year on Average

A professional who specializes in the design and arrangement of bathrooms and kitchens is called a “bath and kitchen designer.” Clients might hire them before construction begins, or they can engage with architects and designers throughout construction. They should also have a good eye for color and be familiar with different types of lighting.

Furniture Maker

Salary Estimate: $35,000 Per Year

In most cases, experience in a related field is required. Craftspeople who specialize in making and repairing furniture are called “furniture makers.” Some of them will even help with repairs. They need to be handy with tools and have a feel for working with wood and textiles.

Designer of Flowers

The Median Annual Income in the United States is $47,000.

Expert flower arrangers may be found at floral design studios. They are frequently requested for occasions that need a large number of floral arrangements. However, it might serve a use when hosting gatherings or displaying model residences. A floral designer’s aesthetic judgment and flower expertise are crucial.

Cabinets Maker

Salary Estimate: $35,000 Per Year

A cabinet builder has extensive knowledge of wood species, woodworking techniques, and woodworking machinery. While some cabinetmakers operate solely independently, many others partner with property developers.

The cabinet might be custom-built in a workshop, or it could be assembled on-site. Although apprenticeships are the norm, many of these skills can also be learned at vocational institutions.

Restorer of Old Furniture

Annual Wage: $41,000

Nearly all of a restorer’s work involves antiques that have some sort of emotional significance to their owners. If you know your way around a saw and a sewing machine, you may be able to get a job as an apprentice furniture restoration.

How Does Working In Home Furnishings Benefit You Professionally?

This is a field where your interests and skills can shape the many possible career paths you can take. However, the aforementioned occupations do require certain common talents. Here are some characteristics to think about.

You have an excellent appreciation for beauty. Many of these positions need a keen aesthetic sense. If you want to work in interior design or architecture, you need to have an eye for aesthetics.

Qualifications Required For A Career In Home Furnishing

The answer to this question is heavily dependent on the specific professional direction you take. Many vocations, for instance, call for certification or registration. The customer will want to know if you are qualified to work in their houses or on their building sites.

Architects must also have a valid license to practice. They need to have the necessary education and pass the required tests. This varies from state to state but typically involves a test.

Many of these positions call for at least a bachelor’s degree. Take a look at these other academic options.


Whether your goal is to work in the design field or to design homes, this information will prove handy. Many interior designers also have an understanding of architecture, which informs the decisions they make when making recommendations to clients about how the space should be modified.

The field of Engineering focuses on Building Construction. If your career goals include working in the field of architecture, this information is useful.

Interior Design

If you’re interested in interior design or decoration, this information is useful. The abilities essential to excel at it are the focus here. Aside from its obvious applicability to anyone considering a career in interior design, this one is also worthwhile reading for anybody considering a career in architecture, particularly if they plan to focus on interior rather than exterior projects.

To put it simply, the arts. A background in the arts is useful for many different kinds of design work. It demonstrates your keen eye for aesthetics and your expertise with color and texture.

Check out these trade schools if you want to learn how to build or restore furniture. The search for an apprenticeship programme is also advised.


What you just read should serve as all the information you need to make your final decision regarding a career in the home furnishings industry. Building homes, commercial banking, real estate, industrial/machinery components, precious metals, basic industry, hotels/resorts, packaged foods, and much more are just some of the businesses that can benefit from the information and abilities you can get in this field. Working in a dynamic field like home furnishings may be a life-changing opportunity.

Finally, decided? Where do you want to start? We hope that our guide will assist you in making a successful career choice, regardless of the role you ultimately choose. You should forward this information to anybody you think would find it helpful. Best wishes!


Okay, here are some short FAQs on the best paying jobs in home furnishing  – 

  • Q: What is the home furnishing industry?

  • A: It is a sector that provides products and services for the decoration and arrangement of homes, such as furniture, textiles, lighting, and accessories.

  • Q: What are some of the best paying jobs in this industry?

  • A: Some of the best paying jobs are home designer, furniture designer, interior decorator, home stager, and furniture maker.

  • Q: What are the qualifications and skills required for these jobs?

  • A: The qualifications and skills vary depending on the position and employer, but generally include a high school diploma or higher, a portfolio of previous work, proficiency in using various tools and software, and strong communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

  • Q: What are the benefits and challenges of working in this industry?

  • A: The benefits include a rewarding and creative career, and opportunities to learn new skills, advance in the industry, and work with different people and places. The challenges include physical, mental, and emotional stress, risks to health and safety, working in a competitive and dynamic environment, and dealing with customers and suppliers.

  • Q: How can I find and apply for these jobs?

  • A: You can find and apply for these jobs by searching online job boards and websites, visiting the websites of home furnishing companies, networking with people who work or have worked in the industry, attending job fairs, trade shows, or conferences, and creating a professional resume and cover letter.


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